Powerful Flight Risk Assessment on the iOS Platform

Our Flight Risk Assessment Tool - FRAT, runs both on iPad and iPhone. Administrative functions are limited to the iPad to make use of the larger size. Access to the app is via a common company username and unique user password, users can use multiple devices with their unique password. When a admin submits changes, a push notification is sent out to all the users for that company. The notification is in the form of a badge only, no sound or alert is shown. This is important to know because when you first launch the app it will ask permission to send notifications. If you deny them you will need to manually update the app. This can be done in the iOS settings app under FRAT.


Administrators have full control over the questions asked to the pilots. There are 3 styles of questions. A FRAT form can have any combination of the following.

  • Yes / No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Catch all - User adds description and assigns a point they feel appropriate.
Certain types of questions don't change on subsequent legs. i.e "Contract pilot used"
These type of questions can be set to
not reset on new legs. This saves time by reducing the number of questions on legs 2+.


Pilots are given unique login details, they can use the app from multiple devices. Pilots are grouped by type they fly. This makes finding the pilot easier if you have many pilots. There is no limit on the number of pilots you can have.


When a user fills out a Risk Assessment and submits it, the app does 2 things. First it creates a PDF of the questions and answers and emails this to the email addresses you provide. There is 3 tiers the email can be sent. if a user goes over a caution or maximum score the pdf can be mailed to additional addresses. The next thing the app does is it uploads the encrypted data to a server. This data is used in Risk Reports and can be downloaded to create new PDF's if needed.


The app can collect all the submitted data for your company and generate a PDF that will show the top 5 riskiest

  • Airports
  • Captains
  • First Officers
  • AC Types
  • Questions

It also shows you the number of times each question has been answered by answer.


This FRAT App is unique to the Risk Assessment Tool World as it incorporates multipliers.
Multipliers allow you to set up question associations that handle compound Risk. A good example of where this can be used is the following.

"Captain has less then 200 hours in type - 3 points"
"First Officer has less then 200 hours in type - 3 points"

If the user answers yes to both these question you can set the app to add an additional 1-10 points. You can have multiple multipliers for each question.


Airplanes are separated by tail number and grouped by type. When you select a tail number the pilot list is populated with pilots that are flying that type. There is no limit on the number of tail numbers or ac types you can have in the app unless you sign up for the Basic plan.


There is a option to have current TAF and METARs attached to the FRAT form. This requires internet access at the time of submission. You can also look at the weather while filling out the questionnaire. The weather is also uploaded to the cloud with the questions, this will be useful during potential audits.


The app is either setup as 1 per leg or 1 per trip (up to 7 legs)
This allows your crews to fill out the FRAT at the beginning of the day and forget about it. The separate legs have serrate scores so you don't have to worry about adding all the risk on to a single score.