Unlimited, Unless you're on the Single Plane plan then the answer is five.
When you first install the app, it asked to send push notifications. If a users declines then the app has no way to know of the update.
Click on the iOS Settings app, scroll down to FRAT and select update on launch.
Your account administrator has access to this. It is located under Info / Admin / Users / User List
Your Company code and password are case sensitive. Also your admin needs to press "submit changes" before you will be able to login. This is located on the Info / Admin Page.
Send us a email, or pay via this website and we will update your subscription.
If you would like the App localized to your language please contact us. The app is setup, and currently is localized to Spanish and Russian. We just need native speakers to translate a list of words and sentences to add other languages.

This "Instruction Manual" covers 99% of the questions we are asked. We will expand it as needed